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A little about us.

Welcome to The Allotment

After running 'House Coffee Co.' in the Coleham area for just over a year, we noticed something was missing.

Coleham has always had a green grocers, many years ago this disappeared due to the competition with supermarkets being incredibly difficult.

We thought long and hard about this, after many questions, lots of research and massive support from the local community we decided that Coleham was still missing this from the area. We wanted to add a business that would add more to this lovely local community feel.

Thats when 'The Allotment' was born, following similar branding to 'House Coffee Co' keeping our ethos of 'Welcoming you into our house' is now 'Welcoming you to our Allotment'


Monday - Friday 8:30am until 17:00pm

Saturday 8:30am until 16:30pm


*Opening & Closing times can change.

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